Lån & Spar Bank has been an Odd Hill client for a few years and we were able to help them throughout the years with smaller adjustments to their site, but after several of these types of request, we wanted to challenge them and show them how we could expand their digital presence at a larger scale.

Old LSB site

Pitch to an already existing client?

But of course, this is something that you can do! Sometimes you need to challenge a client, but it might be at your risk. It’s all about whether you are willing to take that risk and how well you know the client. Not only this, sense of timing is crucial and being able to back it up with good reasons why you think the client is ready for a bigger and more drastic changes. This is the story behind Lån & Spar Bank’s new website.

We started off with a small team that together with the client pitched the idea of a completely new visual design for the rest of the stakeholders at Lån & Spar Bank. Some of the goals we had with their new digital presence was to increase brand recognition, longer sessions and increased amounts of loan applications, which (obviously) is Lån & Spar Banks main product.

The pitch was greatly appreciated from Lån & Spar Bank and we started the project, where the focus was on a complete change of visual design as well as front-end development. From the beginning of this project, we wanted the client to feel as if they were a part of a team and that we were more of an in-house partner helping them. This became very important and made the design process much easier since we maintained a trust in guiding them in the right decisions when it came to user-centered design.

Flow chart over lsb site

Front-end focused development

Lån & Spar Bank decided that it wasn’t necessary to completely re-do their back-end and wanted to stick to Drupal 7, which the client is comfortable with already. We compromised and decided to develop using sections, which would make it easy for them to create their own pages, still having some creativity in the end, but with good guidance from Odd Hill’s designer on how the layout could be in order to achieve our goals.

The loan section of lsb site

Results: increased SKI measurements

When we started the project, Lån & Spar Banks SKI quality index was at 64,3% and had a goal of 67%. Today, after 6 months and a new quality index has been released, Lån & Spar Bank SKI measurements is at 69,5%. The client is very pleased!

Lån & Spar Bank has not only increased their brand recognition, but has also increased the amount of loan applications with a steady increase since January.

But it’s not just the numbers, our relationship to everyone at Lån & Spar Bank has become much stronger, transparent and we have a better working relationship and process and we are by no means done now. This is exactly how we at Odd Hill like to work.