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Malmö Stadsteater - The Emperor’s New Clothes

Malmö Stadsteater is one of Sweden’s leading city theaters and has existed in its present form since 1993. The theater stages about fifteen productions per year. The theater has a permanent ensemble of actors and plays on three main stages: Hipp, Intiman and Studion.

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For several years, Odd Hill has worked closely with Malmö Stadsteater and helped the theater shape their visual identity. In the spring of 2018, Malmö Stadsteater initiated the process of developing a completely new graphical identity together with the Danish design agency Urgent.Agency.

The idea was to start completely from scratch. Starting from a blank piece of paper, the new identity started to take its form and was created in a way that enabled development and adjustments of the new identity gradually.

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We were faced early on with some tough decision-making and questions. How can we change the identity and visual appearance of the website without having to rebuild the entire website from scratch? We definitely had thoughts and concerns about the design. How can we use such a stripped-down, simple design but at the same time catch the interest of the visitors and making sure the site felt expressive?

It is very interesting that images of people who look like people alone evoke so many different emotions. Just like theater should do.


By working closely with the client and the graphic designer Birk Marcus Hansen at Urgent.Agency, taking frequent meetings, we built up the confidence and the freedom to develop the new visual identity for them on the web. We started from a simple and stripped version, which was then supplemented with hand-drawn icons, buttons, subtle videos and animations to create some movement on the website. Furthermore, we used looped videos of the Malmö Stadsteater's actors where they stare at the visitor. This creates a feeling of curiosity and an exciting interactivity occurs.


The transformation of Malmö Stadsteater's website has made visitors come closer to the core of the theater's activities, and they have an easier way of finding and booking performances.

The news that Malmö Stadsteater's website has been nominated for a prize by Creative Circle for their new identity, is what we consider a good rating for Odd Hill’s work on the website!

We look forward to further creating and be a part of Malmö Stadsteater's continual digital renewal.


Malmö Stadsteaters branding och webb har vunnit prestigefyllda German Design Awards & Creative Circle för sin nya identitet. Det är vad vi anser är ett bra betyg för Odd Hills arbete på webbplatsen!