Case study Skånegy

Skånegy - To design with care teenagers in mind - is the public web where students in Skåne receive information about what upper secondary education they have to choose from, how they apply for these and everything they should think about before the election. The site was in need of a proper update both functional and visual, and our mission was to upgrade the system from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 and update UX & visual design - with pupils in grades 8 and 9, as the primary target group.

Strategy, Design & Development
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The mission - High quality UX and design

Skånegy was built in 2012, and a lot has happened since then. Mobile usage has increased significantly and visitors' expectations of user-friendliness look very different than just a few years back.

A big difference between Skånegy and their competitors who also offer similar information (in most cases private companies) is that all schools and education should be presented in an objective and fair manner. The design should reflect this so that no school / education in any way gets more space or focus than anyone else.

The website should serve as an educational support for high school students before and during the high school choice. During the year that the student is to make his / her active high school choice there are periods where Visits open houses and trade fairs, acts on specific dates for deadlines regarding the choice and notification of admission that you as a student must keep track of.

Skånegy för unga

Idag finns även krav på tillgänglighet (WCAG) som utgångspunkt för all design, speciellt för all kommunal verksamhet och i synnerhet när det riktar sig till unga.

Security and support for young people

The target group that uses the website, faces the big high school choice and through surveys (surveys and interviews) we were able to find the 2 biggest pain points (the pain) the students experienced were Stress and often pressure from different directions for the choice of education / school and that the students thought it was difficult to find sufficient information about education.

Designing a website that caters to all ages is difficult enough, but designing a web for teens is a massive task. As a teenager, you are floating in the transition stage between children and adults, which means that behaviors, interests and attitudes are constantly changing and as a target group, therefore, teens are very unpredictable.

To prioritize the most important aspects


For Skå, we chose to prioritize and focus on speed, simplicity, simplicity, clarity. A major challenge in designing for young people is that they do not have a direct awareness of how things work. For them, digital existence is like breathing, they just do. So if you break the unwritten rules for how things should work, you can only make it to a certain limit. Using video and other media as an educational tool. And above all, make it as understandable and easy to navigate as possible.


  • Speed ​​- teens lose patience easily, so all charging must be done very quickly. Optimization and sensible use of images, especially for fast page loading for mobile.

  • Simplicity - The article format should be short and concise, where you present one idea per paragraph. Title and preamble tell you what the main point is, and go to the core as quickly as possible. This way, you capture the visitors who just scan the page, to read the information presented in the title - which is extra important on an information-heavy website like skå

  • Simple and clear language - The language used should be accommodating, but above all understandable and as simple as possible.

  • Bulleted lists - Readers of all ages, not just teenagers, absorb information more easily in bulleted form.

  • Highlight video - support the heavier information pages with video and video material as far as possible.

  • Adjust content when things happen - When you as a student visit, you should already be clearly presented on the homepage the most important information. During the year that the pupil is to make his or her high school choice, different types of information are relevant or totally irrelevant at different periods. By automatically displaying content based on the current period via the home page and other sites on the site, the visitor gets the information that is most important to keep track of during the current period.