A website for Malmö's hidden art treasures

A large portion of Malmö Museum's art collection is currently stored away and inaccessible to the public. The Foundation for Malmö Art Museum (SFMK) wants to change that. The organization operates on a voluntary basis to enrich Malmö with a new large art museum, and Odd Hill is happy to contribute by building their new website pro bono.

Stiftelsen för Malmö Konstmuseum
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It is not unusual for a large part of a museum's collections to not fit in the actual museum. Malmö city has a mandate to preserve cultural heritage, which means a huge number of objects need to be taken care of and preserved. This has led to around 40,000 art pieces being stored in Malmö Museum's archives. This is a large untapped potential for unique art experiences, not only for the city's residents but also for visitors from other parts of the country and abroad.



SFMK advocates for a new and significant art museum in Malmö

The idea of having a dedicated and significant art museum in addition to the art exhibitions at Malmö Museum has been discussed for a while. Ultimately, the decision lies with Malmö City, but SFMK wants to support the city and contribute to making the decision happen. And when Malmö's new art museum is in place, art enthusiasts within SFMK will work to promote it.

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  • Upgrade from Drupal 7 to 9.
  • Streamlined and improved visual design.
  • User-friendly editor interface in the backend, a significant improvement in user experience.
  • Different types of content blocks can be added and moved around on pages.
  • Mailchimp integration.
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Odd Hill's pro bono activities

Every year we welcome new students who come to us for their internship period. It is important that they get to work on challenging and engaging tasks. In Odd Hill's pro bono projects, they have the opportunity to spread their wings. This gives them important experience so that they can grow and develop into skilled developers. And the web can continue to evolve to become better.

Odd Hill's pro bono projects are run like any other project. Interns work in teams alongside senior project managers, designers, and developers from Odd Hill. The feeling of being in the thick of things and interacting in a real team is invaluable. Sometimes the internship leads to employment at Odd Hill.

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