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How do you create interactive interface design that customers love? For us at Odd Hill, the answer is simple. We start from the users and their needs. By understanding them deeply, we can create user experiences that win their hearts. This leads to long-term and sustainable income.

Easy-to-use design that engages users

Interface design is not an end in itself. Its most important purpose is to be a kind of control panel, while at the same time engaging and giving a good feeling to the user. How it is then designed depends entirely on the context. An engineer might appreciate tight and efficient interfaces, while a customer in the financial sector is likely to expect something more sober and elegant.

We see ourselves as subjective in this context. It is the end users who have the important voice. By being responsive and attentive to them, we ensure that we land just right.

We put the user in the front seat

In short, we have a user-centered way of working at Odd Hill. We base our work on knowledge and insights about your target groups that we have collected together.

Based on different user scenarios, they produce wireframes and clickable prototypes that can be tested before development. In concrete terms, this means that we let authentic users from the target group interact with them. We sit with, listen and observe.

With the test results in hand, we can then make improvements. This can be repeated iteratively as many times as relevant. When we're done, we'll have a prototype that's ready to move on to development.



Malmö Stadsteater's new website is one of our successful design projects. A modern and functional website that is not only visually appealing, but also intuitive and user-friendly.

An agile approach is more budget-efficient

The agile way of working and continuous testing means that we do not spend any time and energy unnecessarily. We can focus on the solution that turns out to be the best. Wireframes help us define flows, structure and scope on a principle level where changes are easy to make. Once this is done, we move on to design.

Easier for editors – more time for other things

In addition to the customer's experience, we design for those who will work with the content of your website or digital solution.

Satisfied editors get the opportunity to do an even better job with time for things other than inefficient technical challenges, and our job is to optimize for them too.

Why Odd Hill?

We have learned that it is our way of engaging with our customer relationships that makes us stand out. We see the relationship with you as a customer as a long-term partnership, built on openness and trust. We believe in honesty, transparency, humility and being yourself. With such a partnership as a foundation, we can accomplish great things together.


I have worked with Odd Hill on and off for many years, with a variety of brands and digital projects. As a client, I am probably very demanding, but to be honest, I have never worked with an agency that is as responsive and delivers at such a high level as Odd Hill does.

Carl-Eric Persson, Marketing Director, Globe Technologies
  • Ola Frick - Designer på Odd Hill.
    Ola Frick