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Web Sites

Whether the site is a simple corporate site or a global entreprise platform, it must deliver - period. It must contribute to the achievement of business goals, whether it is about driving sales, generating leads or conveying messages.

For us at Odd Hill, every web project is unique

As a customer, you have high expectations of your new website. You should have that. It should be the hub of your communication and establish your brand digitally. With Odd Hill as a partner, we will together ensure that it becomes so. When we're done, you'll have a uniquely tailored platform that both users and your brand love.

During our fourteen years in the industry, we have delivered accurate websites to many companies in various industries. Everything from company sites to large multinational platforms. We also have a range of intranet solutions and a range of exciting special projects in our project portfolio. It has given us a lot of knowledge and experience that will be valuable when we develop your new website.

Customized open source websites

We build all our solutions in open source. This gives us full freedom to adapt the website to your needs. And you avoid high license costs. That money can instead be spent on doing good things on your website instead.

Surely you have several business-critical systems and platforms that you want the website to be integrated against. That's the kind of thing we're passionate about at Odd Hill. Solutions that help you improve efficiency, save time or increase sales. Our focus is to build robust, secure and reliable integrations that add value.

Case study of Malmo Stadsteater

The Steps In Odd Hills Process


Discover & Understand

We get to know your business and map out your target groups and needs.

Define & Design

We transform what we learned into wireframes, designs and a plan for how to build the application.

Build & Quality Assure

We start with the basics and then build on and refine according to the principle of highest priority first.

Deliver & Iterate

Deploying with an infrastructure that can be effectively and securely maintained and iterated upon.

We maximize the value of your budget

At Odd Hill, we work agile when we develop websites. Simply put, this means that we start with the basics and then iteratively build and refine the website according to a priority that you help decide.

The advantage of this is that you as a customer get to see early on how the website is developing and can give ongoing feedback along the way. In this way, we ensure that we prioritize the right things and that you get the most out of your budget.

With the new website, we have the platform we need to take the CellaVision brand to the next level. The editorial interface is a huge improvement for us. It is intuitive, easy to use, flexible and saves a lot of time.

Aiste Baronaite-Lund, Web Communications Specialist, Cellavision

Why Odd Hill?

e have learned that it is the way we engage in our customer relationships that makes us stand out. We see the relationship with you as a customer as a long-term partnership, built on openness and trust. We believe in honesty, transparency, humility and being yourself. With such a partnership as a foundation, we can accomplish great things together.


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