So, we create digital products

We'd like to think of ourselves as problem solvers. Pretty damn good ones actually. And we use design, strategy and development to do so. We strongly believe that the best solutions are made when all these parts come together as one. That's the sweet spot, that's when the real magic happens.

How we work

Let’s be honest, great solutions don’t always come easy. But we found that with a little bit of structure it does get easier. Having a clearly defined working process gives everyone a sense of security and we’re able to think bigger, broader and maybe a little bit weirder.

Churchill had a point when he said, ‘plans are of little importance, but planning is essential’. That’s why our projects are always based on a four-step process. It’s about getting results and making sure we don’t miss anything important along the way.

Collaborators at heart

Even though we have a lot of smart and experienced people - we listen as much as we talk. We love our work. We love new ideas. In fact, we’re never happier than when we’re being challenged.

Two people playing labyrinth.

No more them and us

Openness is a beautiful thing. What people don’t always realise, is that it’s also the key to innovation and quality. And when you get into a virtuous cycle, they reinforce one another. So, please, no more agency versus client; no more developers versus designers. We’re all in this together. We share a common goal and we can be open with one another.

Boxing gloves in a trash can

We are

C/O Creation

We’ve got a lot of good people here. We also share our office with a lot of other awesome people. We got pretty much your every creative need covered within our 685(!) square meter building in the heart of Malmö.

And we’re always on the lookout for more good people to add to our family.

Paint cans running together