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Applications are amazing. They make life easier for your customers or staff, regardless whether thyy are mobile or web apps. There are few problems that an app can't solve. Do you have an idea? We help you realize it. Feel free to challenge us.

Tailor-made web or mobile applications

Digitization opens up new opportunities. Things we previously hardly dared to dream of are today within reach, and not just for the resourceful actors. Suddenly it becomes possible to develop that app that increases service to customers, or one that solves time-consuming internal processes. Maybe not quite like striking with the wand, but almost.

At the same time, it is important to remember that your competitors are in the same position as you. And also the customers' expectations have quickly moved forward. Time is an important factor and it is becoming increasingly important to act quickly on your app ideas. Rather than sitting for too long in his chamber and thinking.

From idea to ready-to-fly app in the shortest possible time

That is why we at Odd Hill have developed our own method to be able to quickly develop ready-to-fly applications. Our process makes it possible to produce early prototypes that can be tested on the target group. This allows us to quickly dial in the success factors and focus on what the users value. In this way, we can quickly get a working version of the app up and running, which can then be built on and improved iteratively.

The Steps in Odd Hills Process


Discover & Understand

We get to know your business and map out your target groups and needs.

Define & Design

We transform what we learned into wireframes, designs and a plan for how to build the application.

Build & Quality Assure

We start with the basics and then build on and refine according to the principle of highest priority first.

Deliver & Iterate

Deploying with an infrastructure that can be effectively and securely maintained and iterated upon.

We have gathered the skills needed in-house

At Odd Hill you get a dedicated and experienced team. Their main focus is to take your project from idea to finished product and then on to management throughout the life cycle. We firmly believe in a transparent and inclusive process where you are part of the team at Odd Hill as a natural member. You know your business and target group to the full and we are experts in technology and UX.

Odd Hill is a strong and important partner for us in the development of our website and our "Onboarding Flow". As our digital agency, OddHill is with us all the way from idea to finished result and always with a focus on quality, a good customer experience and a high understanding of the regulated industry in which we operate.

Pontus von Sydow, Commercial Manager, Lån & Sparbank Sverige

Why Odd Hill?

We have learned that it is the way we engage in our customer relationships that makes us stand out. We see the relationship with you as a customer as a long-term partnership, built on openness and trust. We believe in honesty, transparency, humility and being yourself. With such a partnership as a basis, we can accomplish great things together, e.g.



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